Statement & Bio

Artist Statement

I incorporate interdisciplinary methods to create intercultural objects and spaces. Through the lens of postcolonial and feminist cultural studies, I aim to subvert expectations of what an Asian woman’s artwork could be. Although my core practice lies in oil painting, fibers and found objects are contributing to my creative process as a comparative tool between expectations and reality. By using classical “Western” styles of production, the viewers are drawn in by the familiarity of the object and are only confronted by the issues raised by the piece upon closer observation. These subtle interventions tinged with humour aim to create a safe space for the public to gain awareness through object-empathy and a dialogue that starts within oneself, then further expands to others.

I use reproduction as both a literal style (or subject matter) and as a metaphor for the reproduction of culture across generations. The mechanical errors mirror the distortion and erasure of culture that sometimes occurs throughout time.

My appearance as a visible minority in Canadian society has influenced much of my work to address preconceived notions of Otherness. My art situates itself between my experiences of being a local to Montreal, but also part of a generational diaspora of marginalized and underrepresented people. I hope to bring those issues to light and create a better environment for dialogue and understanding. 


Florence Yee is a bilingual Montreal-based visual artist, currently finishing her BFA at Concordia University, after having completed her DEC in Visual Arts at Dawson College in 2015. After finishing a 4-month residency at the Ottawa School of Art, she has since then been exhibiting her work nationally. She is represented by Studio Sixty-Six in Ottawa, as well as Croyds and Atelier Celadon in Montreal. She draws from her lived experience as a 2.5 generation Asian-Canadian femme to fuel her socially-conscious practice. With an interest in ethnocultural [art] histories, she works within communities to dismantle Eurocentric ideas of art. Heavily involved in academia, she participates in conferences around North America concerning Asian diasporic issues. She was invited to be a guest speaker at McGill University’s Visual Voices 2016 conference to present her practice in relation to cultural race politics, as well as presenting her work during the 40th ECAASU conference in 2017.